Capt Uday Prasad


From working with MNC's like IBM and Tech Mahindra, to being responsible for the designing of IT infra for complex sea ports to present days providing training to budding IT professionals - none of it would have been possible without my resilience which serves as a reminder that tough times do not last, but tough people do. I have more than 30 years of work experience in different roles in tier1 organizations. Currently I run my own consultancy firm with a primary focus on Training young engineers.

The Journey

The start of the professional career at sea

My professional career began in 1980, when I was chosen to serve as a trainee cadet after completing my 12 years of education and succeeding in the All-India Level competitive exam. At the time, Mumbai's Marine school, Training Ship Rajendra, was India's most sought-after maritime institution, and I was one of the extremely few individuals picked nationally to enroll. My seagoing career officially began at that point. Before deciding to go into information technology, I earned my Master's degree and spent nearly 18 years at sea as a Marine Officer.

IT Industry and Mainframe Programing

My professional transition from Merchant Navy to IT in 1999/2000 was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. After 19 years of sailing and having a global perspective, I knew that information technology was the future and was eager to go deeper into it. Using my degree in Nautical Sciences and my extensive technical experience, I taught myself how to code. I became a mainframe programmer at the age of 36 after leaving the Merchant Navy. Eventually, I became an entrepreneur and now own a prosperous mainframe training consulting firm.
In 1999, I felt I had achieved success when IBM offered me a position as a mainframe developer. My career in technology flourished, and I worked for businesses such as IBM and TechMahindra producing software before becoming responsible for the architecture of the system handling India's largest database.

Entrepreneurship and Consulting

In 2014, I voluntarily retired from TECHM and made the decision to become an entrepreneur. I decided to become a consultant after gaining the necessary information and abilities while working for these large companies. My first job as a consultant began in 2016, when I was selected to head NSDC as an IT head under the skill India initiative launched by the honourable Prime Minister of India, where I had the chance to be a part of the team that created the national database for managing the complex skilling processes. Subsequently, I broadened my initiatives into the maritime sector as a subject matter expert on how to design a Smart Sea Port. During this time, I worked at seaports maintained and operated by JSW Infra in Mumbai, where I served as their Chief Consultant for the West Coast ports of Jaigarh, Goa, and Dharamtar.
Today, as a full-time consultant and independent contractor, I train and advise both young aspiring IT engineers and marine cadets. I advocate for the widespread adoption of smart technologies such as Mainframe, COBOL, CICS, JCL, VSAM, DB2, and BIGDATA, and I intend to build a training institute that can meet the growing demand for trained programmers in this field.