1. z/Solutions Enterprise COBOL Programming

This course provides the student an introduction to structured programming through use of the COBOL language. Emphasis is placed on structured programming techniques, logic structures, and modular design; the use of design tools such as flowcharting, hierarchy charts, and/or pseudocode; and the interpretation and development of record layouts, report layouts, and quality program documentation. The student becomes familiar with the syntax and logic of COBOL by coding a sequence of increasingly complex problems. The fundamental elements of batch sequential file processing are stressed, with the application of arithmetic verbs, simple and complex IF statements, EVALUATE statements, 88-levels, internal sorting, control-break processing, single-level table processing and sequential file updating.

2. z/Solutions Enterprise Advanced COBOL Programming

Students are introduced Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM). The structure and application of an Entry Sequenced Data Set (ESDS), Key-Sequenced Data Set (KSDS), and Relative Record Data Set (RRDS) are presented and compared. Using the IDCAMS utility students will create and a manage VSAM clusters and datasets to support various COBOL VSAM file maintenance applications. Other course topics include advanced table processing, batch sequential file processing and updating, indexed sequential file processing and updating, random/direct file processing and the use of sub-programs. Additional concepts covered are structured program design considerations, the interrelationship of programs within an information system, coding for program efficiency and clarity, and the creation and use of quality program documentation

3. z/Solutions Enterprise Operating Systems

Using IBM mainframe hardware, operating systems and applications, this course provides an integrated view of enterprise systems. Students are provided an overview for enterprise physical and logical (LPARs) processors, I/O connectivity, DASD storage, Parallel Sysplex and clustering technologies. An overview of z/OS, z/VM, TSO/E, ISPF, zO/S Unix, datasets in a z/FS file system, JCL, and batch job entry (JES3) concepts are also presented. z/OS programming languages, CICS transaction management, DB2 database management, the z/OS HTTP web server, WebSphere Application Server, networking and security are presented from an operating system perspective. Hands-on assignments are required.

4. z/Solutions Enterprise Transaction Processing Systems using CICS/COBOL

This course focuses on the CICS Enterprise Transaction Processing System and CICS COBOL applications. CICS architecture, resource definition, CSD files and CICS tables are presented. Using a pseudo-conversational style, students will develop and test several CICS COBOL file applications using Basic Map Support (BMS) and the CICS EXEC interface. CICS Web Applications, Web Services, CICS Java Enterprise applications, and CICS security issues will be introduced.

5. z/Solutions Enterprise Database Systems

This course focuses on the design, implementation, testing and application integration of an IBM DB2 enterprise database system. Using local client tools students will integrate the business model with logical data and physical models using a Master Data Management (MDM) approach. Using SQL DDL and DML statements students will implement tables and other structures and test the database design using interactive SQL statements and SQL code embedded in a COBOL application. Stored procedures, DB2 administration and security will be introduced.

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